The Rosso Family Series

Billionaires, blackmail and white sandy beaches.

From the New York Times bestseller author, Leslie Noth comes a seriously enticing boxset. The Rosso Family Series is available for the first time ever in a beautiful boxset edition. Meet three sinfully handsome Greek Billionaires today!

Greek Billionaire’s Blackmailed Bride

Greek banking heir Antonio Rosso is shocked when his late father leaves the beloved family villa to the one woman he never wanted to see again: Claire Bennett.

After a hot and heavy fling, things ended abruptly when she was accused of being a gold digger. But now, to hang on to the home that meant so much to his mother, Antonio will not only have to get back into the beautiful American’s good graces, he’ll have to convince her to marry him.

When a job brings her back to Greece, voiceover artist Claire should have guessed Antonio was behind it. With his entitled upbringing, she knows he’s learned to use his money to get his way. After the way she was treated though, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. He may be even more sinfully handsome than she remembered, but if he thinks she’ll agree to a sham marriage, he has another thing coming.

Claire is determined to prove she can’t be bought or sold, and Antonio needs nothing more than a temporary arrangement. But when their spark reignites, can they ever get past the ugly history between them?

Greek Billionaire’s Forbidden Lover

Billionaire Greek playboy Dareios Anaganos has a way with women: he loves them, then he leaves them. But lately the one woman he can’t keep his eyes off is the one he can never touch: his best friend’s sister, Alexandra Rosso. He’s known her since they were little, yet suddenly all he can see are her perfect curves and gorgeous smile.

Alexandra can’t deny she’s become fixated on Dareios’ blazing blue eyes and killer body. The connection between them is palpable, and it’s making things awkward. She needs to get Dareios out of her system, and what better way to do that than to have a fling. When sparks fly at a masquerade party, she’s hoping he’ll agree to take their attraction to the next level. It’ll be their little secret… 
Dareios would never betray his friend Antonio by disrespecting Alex—she deserves more than he has to offer. But if he gives in to temptation, can a fling ever become something more?

Greek Billionaire’s Uncontrollable Attraction

18-year-old Greek banking heiress Eva Rosso has her heart set on attending college in the US, but she’s struggling to even pass the entrance exam. When her brother hires cocky American Callum Woods as her tutor, Eva wants him gone.

Callum has always wanted to teach, although a spoiled rich girl isn’t his top choice as a first student. But with no money to return to the States, he’ll take what he can get. Her dark hair, gorgeous body, and constant flirting are becoming a distraction though, and he’s having a hard time staying focused on the job. But his student is untouchable, and to earn his pay it’ll take everything he has to resist temptation. 

Their attraction is becoming uncontrollable, but what future could there be for a young American teacher and his wealthy Greek student?

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November 16, 2017