The SEAL’s Accidental Pregnancy

Navy SEAL Demetri Lewis is used to danger. So when he receives threatening notes, he brushes it off. But when his former squad leader is murdered and Diana Addison, his best friend’s little sister—and the girl Demetri spent an amazing night with four months ago—is threatened, things become personal. Demetri immediately rushes to Diana’s house to save her and gets even more shocking news. Diana is pregnant. With his baby. Now, keeping Diana safe has taken on a new and monumental meaning. After losing his parents as a child, Demetri has tried to never care too much for anyone, which is why he’s terrified of his growing feelings for Diana.

All Diana ever really wanted was a normal family and a happy home—picket fence and all. Being single and pregnant was never in the plans, but Diana is willing to do what it takes to give her child a good life. Hopping from hotel to hotel, trying to lose whoever is after them, is terrifying—but it’d be far more difficult without someone like Demetri by her side. He’s kind, strong, sexy, and his kisses are decidedly swoon-worthy. When they finally settle in at Demetri’s childhood home to use it as a safe house, it’s impossible not to picture them becoming a family. But with the threats on her life intensifying, Diana is stunned by a decision Demetri makes—one that will tear them apart forever. She knows she can trust Demetri with her life, but can she ever trust him with her heart?

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Release Date

April 16, 2020