The SEAL’s Hookup

Romance and risk go hand in hand when a Navy SEAL’s unborn child is threatened…

Navy SEAL Jonathan Winter and DEA Agent Tabitha Andrews have a long history together. And it’s about to get longer. Tabitha is determined to clear Jonathan’s name after a mission gone wrong. But her case just hit a bump in the road… a baby bump.

The two shared one night of passion—and now Tabitha is in a fight against time. She’s the only one who believes Jonathan is innocent, so she has to keep working the case. And she won’t be allowed to do that if her superiors learn she’s pregnant with the gorgeous Navy SEAL’s child.

Jonathan’s upbringing tells him marriage is the only option when he learns Tabitha is pregnant. And when he realizes her life may be in danger thanks to the investigation, keeping Tabitha—and his unborn child—safe becomes his only goal.

They decided years ago that a relationship between them couldn’t last. But working together to solve a deadly puzzle may send this headstrong couple in a direction neither anticipated…

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Release Date

March 9, 2023