The SEAL’s Pregnant Christmas Lover

Amelia Cafferty opened her bakery in a small town to find a sense of safety and family. Problem is, there’s already a family-run bakery in town and they’re none too happy to have competition—especially with Christmas right around the corner. Could they be behind the nasty pranks that are hurting her business? On top of her bakery woes, she’s just found out her sizzling one-night stand with a gorgeous hunk of a Navy SEAL has left her pregnant. Things go from bad to worse when she realizes Maxwell Bloom is part of the family who owns the rival bakery. It’s clear to Amelia that everyone in his family wishes she was gone—except for Maxwell. And that’s a good thing, because he’s not just a great kisser, he also happens to be pretty good at saving her life…

Exploding microwaves. Falling ovens. Those types of things just don’t happen, and it’s driving Maxwell a little crazy. Not only is he determined to protect Amelia and his unborn child, he also suspects his family could be involved in the scary incidents at her bakery. As much as he loves his family, his new and unexpected protectiveness for Amelia is a higher priority. It has nothing to do with his heart—at least that’s what he convinces himself. It has nothing to do with her sunny nature and sexy curves. Nothing to do with the way he can’t stop thinking of her, wanting her. With the end of his leave in sight after the holidays are over, he’s got no time for softer feelings. But he does wish his family knew the Amelia he knows. Convincing them that Amelia is more angel than Scrooge shouldn’t be that hard. Convincing himself to listen to his stubborn heart just might need a sprinkling of Christmas magic…

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Release Date

November 26, 2020