The Sheikh’s Accidental Wife

What happens in Vegas…apparently can follow you forever.

At least that’s Clementine Llewellyn’s experience who, after a night of drinking and partying, ends up married to a sheikh. A night of passionate romance? Sure. Marriage? Not so much. Clementine wants an immediate divorce, but Sheikh Samir bin Salam’s country’s divorce laws require them to stay married. For three months. Samir may be the hottest guy she’s ever seen—never mind spent time under the sheets with—but she learnt a long time ago that relationships were for other people, not her. But as the two of them spend more time together it doesn’t take long before Clem’s feelings for Samir go from lust to love. However, she’s sure Samir doesn’t feel the same—although admittedly it’s hard to read past his dark, brooding gaze.

Samir isn’t looking for a wife—definitely not a stubborn American one. He’d wanted a woman traditionally raised, focused on family, flowers (his country is known for them), and who would give him free rein to live his life the way he wanted. What he got was a woman who spoke her mind at every turn (and was generally right, much to his dismay), who seemed to kill all living plants she came into contact with, and who utterly fascinated him. In fact, most of the time he spends with her—the talks, the laughter, the way she completely embraces his people—is bliss.

When a baby becomes part of the equation, all bets are off as Clem and Samir take a gamble on love.


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Release Date

November 14, 2019