The Sheikh’s Fake Marriage

In Sheikh Kishon’s small kingdom, it’s tradition that older sons marry before the younger ones. Problem is, his younger brother desperately wants to get married—and marriage is the last thing Kishon desires. Lucky for him, artist Chloe Sanderson is intrigued by his offer of a marriage of convenience. He’s been flirting with the sexy American on his visits to the US for months, admiring her spunk and easy way with people. Knowing her desire to travel, he offers her a world tour if she’ll be his fake wife. To Kishon, it’s the perfect plan. Not only does his brother get to marry the woman he loves, but Kishon gets the elders off his back. He just has to make sure no one discovers he’s marrying for business, something that would put him in a bad light with the elders.

For Chloe, marrying this sexy sheikh isn’t much of a sacrifice, especially since it’s all a farce. She’ll get to see the world and paint all the beautiful sites she’s always dreamed of. Sure, actually marrying Kishon is a bit surreal, but passion-filled nights and romantic days soon make her realize that nothing is fake about her feelings for Kishon, even though his feelings are pretty clear. No love. No future. Once his brother marries, her romance with the hard-headed sheikh will be over.

But do either of them really want it to be?


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Release Date

May 28, 2020