The Sheikh’s Fiery Lover

When Rene came to Saudi Arabia to escape her cheating ex-fiancé, she never imagined she’d wind up living in a palace with a Sheikh.

The gorgeous and demanding Sheikh Tazeem is everything she ever dreamed of. But as the real world intrudes on their romance, Rene finds herself alone more and more as Joshua handles a big business deal. She worries that his career obsession will spell disaster for their future, but Rene’s not giving up on love. She’s never played by Joshua’s rules before, and she’s certainly not going to start now.

This business deal represents everything Joshua Tazeem has worked towards his entire life. But with a beautiful distraction back at the palace, he’s finding it impossible to stay focused when his thoughts turn constantly to Rene’s lush curves and challenging personality. He’s spending all his time working when all he wants is to be by her side. But his family’s business has to come first. He’s known that since he was a little boy.

Rene knows it won’t be easy to lure Sheikh Tazeem away from work, but it’s either that or they both face a lifetime of loneliness. With true love on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

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February 25, 2015