The Sheikh’s Unexpected Fiancée

When her half-sister flees with her true love to avoid an arranged marriage, Zainab Halil bravely steps up to take her place. All her life, Zainab has sought the approval of her father, Javeed, but even she is shocked when he refuses to consider his oldest daughter—her—for an alliance that will finally bring peace between his tribe and the royal family of Omirabad. Javeed has always been a bit embarrassed by Zainab, who was the result of a fling with an American girl he met one summer. With her mother dead, Zainab now lives with her father, doing everything she can to win his approval—even if that means marrying a man she’s never met. Though she’s willing to wed for the sake of the tribe, she secretly doesn’t believe it’s much of a sacrifice, given that the one she would be marrying, Khalid bin Salam, is one of the most handsome and charming men she’s ever met.

At first, Khalid is resistant to the idea of an arranged marriage. And then he meets Zainab, and the idea of marrying a stranger is a bit more appealing. He likes her American ways, her lovely smile, her beautiful curves. But Javeed is determined to keep them apart, pulling every string he can reach to ensure each day passes without them seeing each other. That still leaves the nights… And as their passion builds, their marriage seems less arranged and more like destiny. If only Javeed could see what’s best for his tribe and his daughter.


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November 21, 2019