The Skyseekers

Myla will need to dig deep to save the ones she loves…

All her life, Myla was told Echelon was the only place humans could survive. A journey outside the domed city proved that was a lie. Now all the other lies told by Lady Lazrad, the leader of Echelon, are unravelling, leading Myla down a path to open rebellion.

At her side are Ben and Lock, one a rebel boy, the other a nanobot infused Decemite who fled Echelon with her. They’ve both helped her grow as a person and into her power, but her heart is confused what she wants from either of them.

Myla never meant to become a rebel leader when she first snuck out of Echelon’s dome to rescue her sister. But with her sister turned against her and Lady Lazrad determined to rule over everyone, she must reach deep within herself to find the strength to lead her allies.

With death hanging over her, Myla knows the only way to save the people of Echelon and those outside the city that Lazrad is determined to annihilate is to reveal the iron fisted ruler’s treachery and remove her from power.

No matter the cost.

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Release Date

May 12, 2021