The Stolen Palace

All worlds hang in the balance…

To stop Dowager Queen Emalda’s reign of terror, Ophelia, her bonded dragon Sunny, and Corrin will need to uncover the powerful magic of the First Artifact. The key lies in the Sacred Map, a scroll that must be magically unlocked. No one knows how, and people have died trying. The trials to unlock the scroll are immense and Ophelia will be asked to do terrible things in the name of the greater good—even possibly betraying Corrin.

Meanwhile Corrin is determined to solidify a true alliance with the dragons. With their help, he, Ophelia, and their allies may have a fighting chance against his mother. But the dragons aren’t happy to see himhim, and Corrin will need to prove himself if he’s going to survive long enough to form an alliance.

If Ophelia and Corrin can’t stop Emalda, she will use the First Artifact to gain immortality. And in the process, she will close every portal and destroy all worlds outside of Charassi for her selfish aims. But can Ophelia and Corrin make the sacrifices necessary to stop her?

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Release Date

September 28, 2022