The Unpaired

They thought the virus had been eradicated—but it was only the beginning. Now the race is on.

The rebel forces are hitting BioPure from all sides, but memory depletion is spreading rapidly as the virus New Zero takes hold of the populace.

Lora Flannigan is a full-on rebel now, having thrown herself into helping her biological father develop a cure for the new outbreak that holds her parents in its grip. With her genetically altered perfect recall, Lora’s brain holds the blueprint for a permanent cure.

But the Rebellion’s not the only group seeking the cure.

At the same time, a series of disastrous raids cripple the rebellion’s attempts at countering the virus’s devastating memory effects, and their only hope is to combine forces with a traitor. But trust is a precious commodity that flows both ways—and BioPure always has ulterior motives.

When disaster strikes twice, the race for the cure shifts into overdrive. Now everything hinges on Lora’s perfect memory.

And in this race, there are no points for second place.

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Release Date

March 4, 2020