Trojan Colony

The ends justify the means – except when humanity’s survival is on the line.

Earth’s landscape is scorched by weapons fire after the most recent round of alien attacks. The technology the Mozari left behind has advanced scientific understanding at breakneck speeds, giving humanity the chance to fight back against their Gresian foes. Space worthy vessels and all-new weapons are pumped out of orbiting factories, boarded by the brightest minds to begin colonizing new planets.

But humanity is still vulnerable.

Lieutenant Daniel West understands this, which is why his recruits are the most highly trained the military puts out – regardless of the physical and mental demand it takes to do that that way. Special Warfare Task Force must plan and prepare for every possible scenario.

After all, the return of the Gresians is not just inevitable. It’s imminent.

Now assigned to the United Earth Ship Shenzhen, Daniel is authorized to travel to LTT-8270. Daniel discovers even more horrifying truth.

A truth that demands too high a cost for humanity’s future.