Space marines never say die.

Galactic Strike Team Commander Andrew Ritchie loves nothing more than exterminating the alien roaches that have devastated humanity. But after the latest battle becomes a rescue mission, Andrew’s medical background draws the attention of a high-ranking officer—who reassigns him to the Valkyrie Corps.

The new medevac unit is a game changer, combining Andrew’s skills as a marine and a medic. The state-of-the-art Valkyrie suits allow him to waste aliens while simultaneously saving human lives, offering humanity a fighting chance against a ruthless enemy.

But the alien roaches aren’t about to scurry away in defeat.

When Andrew’s team is dropped into a hot zone of death and destruction, the purpose behind the enemy’s carnage is brutally exposed. Andrew and his squad must now serve up a heaping helping of vengeance.

Before this battle becomes their last.