Vicious Heir

I saved his life. And he hates me for it.
My reward? A marriage to the devil.

This is not how I expected to meet my future husband.
In a nightclub, in the middle of a gunfight, with him holding a gun to my head.

Truth is, I just saved his life.

Now, Angel Castillo, heir to Miami’s most brutal cartel, owes me a life debt and his answer to this is to make me his.

His offer is as cold as his heart: become his wife or die.
Not much of a choice, right?

The Castillo family is ruthless, and their life terrifies me, but Angel scares me the most, so why do I find myself watching him?
Craving his touch?
I should run, but Angel will never let me go.

I know I’m not meant to want it.
To dream of his sinful touch.

He wants to ruin me. And I want to be ruined by this vicious heir.


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Release Date

April 13, 2023