Withstanding Anarchy

In a World Without Power, their True Strength is Family—Blood and Found.

After an EMP left civilization wrecked, survival is a daily struggle—something Deb and her group know all-to-well. Having found her ex-husband and Carol’s two sons, the anticipated happy reunion was anything but. With danger surrounding them, they’re all stuck together hiding from Mike, the abusive tyrant who held them captive in a work gang. Worse still: he’s the father of Carol’s unborn child and he wants them both back. At any cost.

As tensions in the camp rise and conflicts escalate, the atmosphere in the camp grows increasingly volatile. Minor disagreements escalate into fierce conflicts, supplies dwindle, and trust begins to erode, threatening to tear apart the fragile bonds they’ve formed. Now, they all must put their differences behind them and rally together to stop Mike before more people die.

He’s made it abundantly clear that he’s not leaving without Carol and their child.

And he’ll kill anyone who gets in his way…


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Release Date

May 8, 2024