Rosa Holland

Rosa Holland has loved reading romance since she was 12 and found her mom’s Nora Roberts collection and read her first one. She’s been an avid romance reader ever since, devouring the hunky heroes, strong heroines, and their heartfelt love. As she grew up, she found she loved the complicated darker heroes, and the wild and fun heroines.
She writes dark reverse harem, where the gray shades in the world shine. She loves exploring heroes who have dark pasts but who will do anything for their smart, strong heroine. Rosa doesn’t believe in black or white and she loves showing readers all the shades of gray to be had in a love story and in the wicked heroes and snarky heroines. She loves writing RH, where she gets to explore so many different heroes all in one book–the psycho, the bad boy with a soft center, the alpha male leader, etc. When her heroine finds love, she gets a man for every side of her personality and she doesn’t have to compromise, and Rosa thinks that’s a fantasy love worth exploring over and over.

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