In a world gone dark, trust is a double-edged sword…

From high school student to Queen of the Fae…

A billionaire prince. A nanny with a secret.

Passion runs high in the palace…

When an abduction happens on her doorstep,

she’s glad the hunky SEAL is there to protect her.

Love is about to teach this grumpy rancher a lesson….

Highlighted Release

A storm like no other plunges the world into chaos…

When an egotistical billionaire’s plan to solve climate change goes horribly wrong, it unleashes a catastrophe with devastating consequences.

Widowed boat tour operator, Kelly Walker, is determined to escape from Florida with her family before the flood waters rise and life as she knows it disappears.

But when disaster strikes her son, Jackson, is missing. She’ll do anything to find him. But as brutal winds and power failures accompany the floodwaters, she fears she may already be too late.

Her landscaper brother-in-law, Eddie, must also brave the maelstrom to find his daughter—promising to meet back up with Kelly at a bug-out location. But the rising water is not the only danger. Vicious gangs revel in the chaos, ready to take advantage of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Kelly’s dreams of a haven high up at her parents’ retired service dog sanctuary in the Smoky Mountains are dashed, as a deadly plague sweeps the world. And she quickly realizes that their ordeal is only just beginning. A new storm is coming.

Can the two of them reunite their family, as the world descends into madness?