Job Outline

The Book Marketing Strategist will work with our team across eight pen names and 300+ titles. We’re looking for someone creative, who knows how to package great stories well, match promotional campaigns to specific genre audiences and ultimately sell more books.

In this newly created role, you will be responsible for providing marketing guidance and fulfil associated tasks for Relay Publishing. You will be responsible for maintaining the creative vision of each book from its concept through to marketing. You will need to be able to use previous experience and analytics to improve the quality of our book marketing.


Skills & Qualifications

  • Qualifications favourable
  • A strong understanding of brand development and multichannel marketing concepts
  • Previous experience developing marketing strategies
  • Experience in book publishing would be ideal, but not absolutely compulsory
  • Basic Photoshop & Illustrator skills


About You

You are a creative, socially minded individual with excellent communication skills. You are tech savvy and always have your ear to the ground. Reports and statistics don’t freak you out! Rather they engage you to find new and exciting ways to communicate to your audience. You are a digital diva that lives and breathes social media! You are a focused and driven individual that meets goals and deadlines whilst maintaining a creative approach to tasks.



  • Work with our in-house marketing assistant to create and administer marketing campaigns
  • Social media updates and account management
  • Set up, delegate and execute launch plans for new releases
  • Make decisions on key marketing elements such as: branding, cover design, social media teasers, blurb copy, and website design
  • Work with the Managing Director on each book to ensure target audience is selected, creative continuity between story and marketing, and reader expectations are hit
  • Organize promotional calendar and marketing plan for backlist
  • Devise author branding for new and established pen names
  • Clear understanding of each individual genre audience, what experience they want from the book, and which promotions work best with them.
  • Monitor marketing and advertising statistics and report back
  • Be on the lookout for marketing opportunities – joint ventures, promotion sites submissions etc.
  • Work with creatives to bring the book covers and promotional material to life
  • Keep documentation on marketing processes

About Relay Publishing

Relay Publishing was started in April 2013, and since then has developed a catalogue of nearly 300 books across several genres in both English and German. Our focus is on romance, young adult fantasy and science fiction, but we have recently expanded into post-apocalypse, cozy mystery, and psychological thrillers.

At our core, we’re a book packaging company—our process starts with fresh concepts and outlines created by our in-house team. From there our amazing writers are commissioned to flesh it out into a fully-fledged book, while working alongside our award-winning editors, to create stories that readers simply can’t put down!

After several years working with publishing freelancers, we like to think we know what makes a fun, creative, and collaborative environment to work in. If you check Relay’s profile on Upwork.com you’ll see we have a long and extremely positive feedback history dating back to 2013 when the company was first started.  If you love stories, you’ll be among great company!


Book Packaging You Say?

That’s right, we’re a book publishing / packaging company. That means we handle the book publishing process from beginning to end. We take great story ideas and collaborate with talented writers to bring them to life. These story ideas and concepts are created by our in-house team, which are then fleshed out into detailed character profiles and outlines (10-15 pages).

We then work closely with one of our writers to bring these outlines to life. The focus throughout is on quality, and the writer works closely with an editor to ensure the reader will be blown away by both the story and the prose. Depending on the word count, the process from idea creation to finished product is 2-4 months.

Then the book enters the marketing phase where the cover and blurb are optimized to sell, and various advertisements are set up to promote the book. Every book is made with the target of hitting the bestseller list.


What’s in it for You?

An amazing freelance, online, remote working environment with a real collaborative virtual office that fosters teamwork, development and open communication. We are passionate about creating an online workplace that really works! We use an online project management software that helps us keep an open, collaborative approach to all our projects.  Just because we work remote, doesn’t mean we have to be remote! We want to nurture our team and work with a consistent group of professionals to be part of the company as it continues to grow.

We thoroughly believe in long-term collaborative relationships and that is reflected in our approach to all our projects. We offer competitive rates, clear briefs & expectations, and friendly and fun communication throughout. If you’re serious about writing or editing for a living, we’d love to hear from you.

We are always open to ideas. We like to have brainstorming sessions and offer incentives for participation. Whether that’s a new book or business venture, a change to processes and workflow. No matter what your role, you are part of the team and your voice counts!

We have grown dramatically over the last year and we plan on growing more, come along for the ride!


If interested, please your resume and a brief cover letter to hr@relaypub.com