Burned World

The apocalypse is over. But the struggle for survival has only just begun…

A hard-won peace has been earned by the McDonald family’s Georgia settlement, Hickory Falls. The rural community offers shelter, food, and safety. At least for now…

But in the aftermath of the solar flare, and the fall of the old world, danger takes many forms. It begins with a drought that threatens crops. Then a flood of refugees arrives, driven from their homes by a raging wildfire. They’ve lost everything, and the inferno is spreading.

Taking in the dispossessed means more mouths to feed—but it also means willing hands to do vital work. And one refugee in particular has valuable skills. Greyson was a firefighter, and he’s got a plan to make Hickory Falls safe from the encroaching fire.

But there’s something a little off about the man. Beth, the McDonald matriarch, doesn’t trust him—though she can’t say why. But, like it or not, he’s part of the community now.

Will his preparations save Hickory Falls? Or plunge the community into fiery doom…


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Release Date

October 11, 2023