Dead End: EMP Prepper Thriller

With the world as he knew it in ashes, one man must protect those who can’t protect themselves.

In the time before the storm, Jim Parker committed his life to helping others. As a police officer, he placed himself in harm’s way for the greater good. But now that the world’s been turned upside down by a deadly EMP strike, it’s all he can do to survive. With his friends Finn and Ava by his side, Parker must defy the power-hungry Council and search for his long-lost daughter, Sara.

Sara gave up on being saved a long time ago. Abducted as a child and raised by the Church of Humanity on a compound called the Vineyard, she knows she can only rely on herself. With the Council behind her, she’s been working from the inside to bring down the corrupt Church and its sociopathic leader, Theo Truesdale. When her father and his friends arrive, Sara knows she just might be able to complete her mission—but a horrifying discovery Parker makes along the way shows just how truly ruthless the Council can be.

Now, Parker will have to decide between taking down the organization that kidnapped his daughter, or saving innocent lives—with nothing less than his humanity hanging in the balance.

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Release Date

February 8, 2018