Deadly Knight

Trust no one.

Those are the words Kostya Sokolov lives by. His father was murdered by a Russian mob boss, then his brother was targeted by the same cartel. Now, he has vowed to avenge them and fill the streets with blood.

Then an assassination attempt leaves him with amnesia and a lot of questions. What is he doing in London and who is Maya, the beautiful woman taking care of him? For once in his life, he allows himself to trust… Until he realizes she’s the daughter of the man he has vowed to kill.

Maya fled to London to escape her family. The last thing she wants is to fall in love with a member of a Russian mob—especially one who wants to kill her brutal father. But despite his violent plans, she’s drawn to him. There’s something about his unflinching loyalty to his family, his fierce determination, and his piercing eyes… She can’t deny the smoldering attraction between them.

But how can she fall for a man who is set on killing her own father?


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Release Date

January 19, 2023