Undercover desire…

On leave while recovering from a bullet wound, Navy SEAL Eric Harvey is going stir-crazy. So when a buddy asks him to help his journalist sister go undercover to expose crimes at a couples retreat, Eric is all in. But he’s about to get more excitement than he bargained for. Beth, the journalist, is smoking hot and completely irresistible.

Beth Williams is desperate. She needs a fake husband fast. She’ll even take Eric, a Navy SEAL like her big brother. But she won’t allow anything to come between her and her career… Not even the smoldering attraction growing between her and Eric.

Right from the start, it’s clear that something is very wrong at this resort. As the danger mounts, Eric realizes that both his life and his heart are at risk. Beth has made it clear that when she’s done with her story, she’ll be done with Eric too.

So why does she find the thought of ending their fake marriage so shattering?

This book was originally published as Guarding His Pretend Wife and has been updated and revised.

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Release Date

January 18, 2024