Fallen World

Family is all that matters when friend becomes foe—and the stakes are survival.

The world has become a dangerous place for Shane McDonald and his family since the solar storm wiped out the power grid. Tensions flare when it grows clear the dire situation will be prolonged and most are ill-prepared. Even the friendly small town of his prepper mother-in-law has drawn unwanted attention as word gets around about sharing their supply stores.

And strangers begin to infiltrate the once peaceful Georgia community.

All Shane can think about is where his wife and son ended up in all the chaos as the hours stretch into days since they last communicated. Jodi is far too trusting a soul, her desire to help the downtrodden a dangerous commodity among desperate and increasingly hostile citizens.

But Jodi isn’t without resources when push comes to shove. When her son and cancer-stricken brother come under attack, she finds the strength to do what’s necessary to ensure their safety—and inadvertently draws the attention of a menacing gang.

Now they must stay one step ahead of their pursuers in a race to reunite with family.

Before all hell rains down on them.


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Release Date

December 11, 2019