Aaron Dolan’s world is scars, calloused hands and chipped knuckles. The life of a bareknuckle boxer. Look at him the wrong way and you’ll find out why they call him an animal.

Dragged into his world, Zoe Daniels, broke art graduate, is tricked into filming the very violence she hates. Night after night she watches him pound men’s faces into bloody pulps. He’s a monster.

Around him she can feel herself plummeting, down the rabbit hole, into love with the worst kind of man. And it’s getting harder. Harder to keep the camera steady, when all she can think of is climbing between the ropes and running her hands over his bare chest, licking the sweat from his neck.

Violence, strong language and sexual content. 18

Part of the Bareknuckle Boxing Brotherhood series. Can be read as a standalone.

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November 27, 2014