Final End

Adapt or die. There is no other choice.

Black and white no longer exist in a world swirling with shades of gray. To survive the post-apocalyptic nightmare they face, Josh Standing must find a way to stitch his frayed family back together. But with the lives of his wife and kids on the line, Josh must finally face the truth of this new reality—he may not be able to save everyone.

The professor is another story. The man’s only concern is continuing his research, regardless of the cost to those protecting him. However, keeping the intelligent and irritating man alive is vital to the future because he holds the key to a cure that just might counter the dark matter madness.

Maxine Standing won’t let anything come between her and the tiny hope offered for humanity’s brighter future. Sometimes compromise is crucial when civilization collapses, and Maxine will do whatever it takes to follow her husband’s example—even if it means facing a tyrant.

But dark matter isn’t the only hurricane bearing down on the coast as the Standings pursue shelter from the Harbormaster’s crazed reach. Now they have one shot at restoring order to ensure a new tomorrow.

And before the sun rises, someone will make the greatest sacrifice.


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Release Date

June 10, 2020