Love always aims for the heart…

Former Navy SEAL Clint Backwater just wants to keep his head down and mind his business. So when a beautiful, young mother arrives at his gun range desperate to buy a weapon, he knows he has a problem. No way he can sell a gun to someone as frantic as Leila Ortiz. But he feels driven to protect the terrified woman and her child, at all costs.

With her abusive ex-husband released from prison, Leila will do whatever it takes to keep her baby safe. She wants a gun, not a protector. But what Leila wants and what she needs are two different things. And it isn’t long before she finds herself falling for the honorable former SEAL… And falling hard.

Clint hardened his heart long ago. But he finds himself drawn to Leila, a woman who touches him as no other. Until Leila’s past threatens their new love, and Clint is forced to wonder… Can they really trust each other?

And can their hearts take it if things go wrong?

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Release Date

January 11, 2024