Kept in the Bark

Olivia Rickard has turned over a new leaf. She’s done with outside investigations. Olivia has decided that, to be a better girlfriend, she’s going to turn a blind eye to the mysteries in town. Besides, her sister Janelle is acting fishy enough lately. For Olivia, that mystery is more important to solve than finding out where Andrew’s missing report is. However, Andrew isn’t letting this particular bone go. He’s worried about his coworker, and scared that something might be very, very wrong.

Olivia tries to track down Hattie and her missing data so Andrew can present the report to his fullest potential. But when Olivia finds more than one suspect sneaking around Hattie’s house, her gut begins to ping and Olivia’s sheepdog, Goodwin agrees. Sure enough, Hattie Dominick is nowhere to be found, and there’s ice cream melting on her porch.

Now time is ticking away faster than the Rocky Road. The Police Chief’s hands are tied and it seems like Olivia is the only person searching for this lost soul. Olivia will need to accept that she’s born for this sleuthing thing, because giving up on the hunt could mean giving up on ever finding Hattie.

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