Rancher’s Pregnant Ex

Rodeo star Derrick Samson is shocked when he discovers he’s engaged. Especially when it’s to his beautiful ranch manager and former high school sweetheart.

When Derrick returns home after retiring from years on the circuit, Penelope Martinez explains that the fake engagement was just a way to get her dangerous ex off her back. Now she begs him to continue the ruse, but Derrick wants none of it—it’s too risky being around the girl that broke his heart. Until he realizes how vital Penelope is to the success of his ranch. So he cuts her a deal: if she stays through the birthing season, he’ll agree to a fake engagement. Penelope is on board, however she has one more condition: absolutely, positively no kissing.

What was she thinking? No kissing the sexiest cowboy she’s ever known? Turns out that’s a rule that was made to be broken. More than once. To make the engagement seem real, Penelope moves into the ranch house where working closely together with Derrick makes it almost impossible to keep their relationship all business. Soon enough, they’re rekindling the old flame. Being with Derrick is wonderful—at first. But then he starts putting up barriers and pushing her away, leaving Penelope more than confused and wondering if what they have is real at all. It’s almost as if he’s hiding something from her…

She wants them to be together, but is her love strong enough to get past whatever is holding them apart?


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Release Date

February 18, 2021