Saving Rachel

Love is the greatest treasure of all…

Marine Raider Harris McCallister has known Rachel Winchester for years. She’s a quirky tattooed beauty, whose hair is a different color every time he sees her. But after a rough night of drowning his sorrows, he never expected her to show up offering comfort…

Rachel’s doing alright for herself, running a successful bed and breakfast. And according to an old local legend, there’s hidden treasure buried somewhere on her property. But when Rachel’s mother shows up with a treasure hunter, offering to buy her out so they can search the grounds, Rachel gives her an emphatic no.

She’s convinced the so-called pirate’s treasure is fake. What’s not fake, though, is the positive pregnancy test she sees moments after they leave. Or the way she’s beginning to feel for Harris—even though she knows he’s going to leave her. While Harris is on leave, he’s vowed to stay close. And it’s a good thing too…

Because it’s becoming clear that someone wants her dead.

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Release Date

September 4, 2023