Secret Billionaire’s Stubborn Cowgirl

Zach Collins needed a break from the stress of his billion-dollar business and the stream of women eager to get their hands on his money. But when he set his sights on a simple country farm, he wasn’t prepared to be working side by side with a firecracker like Lucy Ennis. She’s stubborn, spirited and undeniably sexy, but as time goes by Zach can tell that her smiling eyes are hiding something. And while he’s not willing to share his own secret, he’s determined to unravel hers.

Lucy Ennis works hard to make ends meet. With a mountain of gambling debt left by her dead father and her mother in a nursing home she doesn’t need any more trouble. So when she loses her job, she jumps at the chance to work at a farm being leased by a handsome stranger. With a Stetson hat atop bright blue eyes and chiseled abs, the man certainly comes in a sexy package, but he’s also arrogant, inflexible, and doesn’t seem to know much about farming. Despite her own problems piling up, Lucy can’t help being drawn to the mystery man.

But as the intensity of their attraction grows, any chance at real happiness seems impossible when Zach continues to hide the truth and Lucy’s shady past poses a very real threat.

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January 7, 2015