Sheikha’s Determined Police Officer

With her friends in happy relationships and two insanely overprotective cousins, Aaliyah Botros is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever get her chance at love.

So she can hardly believe it when she bumps into a former flame while on a road trip. Joseph is just as charming as ever and the years have been good to him. Very good. He’s even more handsome, muscular and disarming than when they were young. But despite the connection she still feels, Aaliyah knows her family will never approve.

Joseph can’t believe his luck running into Aaliyah after all this time. Truthfully, he never stopped thinking about her after high school. Now she’s even more beautiful and fierce as a 25-year-old woman. But while he may be a respected police officer in his community, he knows it won’t be so easy to earn the respect of the Botros family.

All it takes is one night to reignite the passion between Aaliyah and Joseph, but with her strict family and their cultural differences in the way, is their relationship doomed from the start?

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