Stetsons and Strollers

Wrangle up some romance…

Sexy cowboys, independent women, and more babies than you can count! Settle in for hours of happy reading with this blockbuster 10-book boxset by USA Today Bestselling author Mary Sue Jackson.

Cowboy’s Temporary Nanny

After becoming guardian of his infant nephew, sexy cowboy Adam is suddenly up to his eyeballs in diapers and onesies. He asks beautiful researcher Kaylee to help. But what began as a temporary arrangement soon blossoms into an all-consuming passion neither can ignore.

Home with the Cowboy

Small-town nanny Willa just needs to deliver her charge to his uncle to start her new life in the big city. Brooding cowboy Daniel has other plans. He’s determined to convince her that she belongs in Texas—with him.

The Cowboy’s Pregnant Fake Fiancée

Desperate to protect their reputations, hotshot rodeo star Dean and small-town sweetheart Marley are forced to pretend they’re engaged. They’re sure they can fool everyone in town—but can they fool their own hearts?

Rancher’s Sexy Single Mom

Needing a place to stay, single mom Teegan agrees to help local rancher Fox with his dude ranch. She hadn’t planned on falling hard for the irresistible cowboy, especially since it’s painfully clear he doesn’t see her as a partner—in business or in life.

The Cowboy’s Heir

Guarded cowboy Parker was only looking for a fiery fling. So when beautiful, independent Chelsea informs him their one-night stand left her pregnant, he’s stunned to realize he wants to be a father—and wants Chelsea forever…

The Cowboy’s Baby Mistake

After a memorable but misguided one-night stand with her lifelong friend Trey, Charity is shocked to discover she’s pregnant. Trey soon realizes he can’t live without her. But for Charity, it might be too late…

The Cowboy’s Single Mom

Heroes aren’t supposed to drive beat-up old trucks and go around breaking girls’ hearts. But Garrett, a soldier on leave working on Macy’s ranch, does both of those things. Can Macy bear it when he goes? Or will Garrett finally realize Macy is his one true love?

The Rancher’s Baby Bargain

Lucy makes a deal with hometown hottie Aiden. She’ll give him a formula to save his crops if he agrees to father her child. What starts as a trade gets complicated when they both realize they want much more than they bargained for…

Rancher’s Pregnant Ex

To keep a dangerous ex off her back, gorgeous and sassy Penelope has been telling the whole town that she and rodeo star Derrick are engaged. She convinces him to play along with one simple rule… absolutely no kissing. But everyone knows, rules were made to be broken!

Cowboy’s Pregnant Employee

Colton gets the surprise of his life when Nora, his new housekeeper, shows up at his doorstep. Not only is she his unforgettable one-night stand, she’s also pregnant… and he’s the father!They were both longing for change. Should they have been more careful what they wished for?


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April 4, 2024