The Billionaire’s Rebellious Lover

Gabe Maxfield has sacrificed a lot for the family business, but the latest fire he’s asked to put out may be too hot for him to handle.

Middle brother Gabe Maxfield has always been the dutiful son, working hard for his father’s construction business. He has no time for a personal life, and with Duncan Enterprises in trouble, he’s under more pressure than ever. An environmental group is targeting them and it’s up to Gabe to intervene. Making matters worse, the woman at the head of the protest is his brother’s radical yet captivating ex-girlfriend.

After growing up in a family of stuffed shirts, Daisy Levine rebelled against corporate America, and now she’s set her sights on Duncan Enterprises. But when her ex’s clean-cut brother is sent in to negotiate, Daisy’s willing to make a deal. Gabe has a month to prove they’ve gone green, or she’ll go public with their lousy environmental record. And since he’s willing to please her, Daisy figures it can’t hurt to teach him to loosen up a little along the way.

It doesn’t take long for them to realize they’ll have to meet in the middle to get what they want. They may come from opposite extremes, but if straitlaced Gabe and hot-headed Daisy can look beyond their differences, they just may strike the perfect balance.

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