The Butterfly Dream

Every family has its secrets, and the March family is no exception. 

Match Made in Devon has been more than just a symbol of everything magical about matrimony; it’s also a physical reminder of true love’s power to conquer all obstacles, and how perfect the March sister’s parents’ marriage really was. But for middle sister, Charlotte, the pressure to maintain her carefully cultivated public face of perfection is beginning to take its toll…

Charlotte is working overtime to balance home, family, and her marriage to husband Nash – and the weight of it all is more than she can handle. Nash makes it clear that something has to give, that he wants things to go back to how they used to be.

But Charlotte knows she has changed too much to simply return to being Nash’s stay at home wife. She still loves him deeply, but she needs more now. Perhaps more than Nash can give…

With their marriage on the line, there seems to be no way out of the endless circle of responsibility Charlotte has drawn for her life. Now craving freedom for herself, the only option she can see is one that could tear her own family apart.

Three women bound by fate and family will have to struggle together to redefine family and discover the raw truth where forgiveness meets love


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February 2019