The Rancher’s Stubborn Partner

Retired rodeo star Shane Radford has finally made his dream of starting his own horse breeding business come true. Sure, his son Drew, who he’s just gotten custody of, has developed a new fear of horses, but they’ll work that out. The best part is that his new ranch is right next door to his brothers’. Nothing could be more perfect. Except…it turns out vet and horse rehabilitator Matilda Lowell bought the property from the bank on the same day that Shane bought it from the owner, and she’s convinced it’s rightfully hers. A judge rules that they share the property until all the legalities are untangled so now Shane’s stuck with a woman who’s as stubborn as she is beautiful, working on his ranch. They agree to split the barn right down the middle—half for his breeding program and half for her rehabilitation horses. Shane may respect Matilda, may even find her attractive, but she’s his adversary and he’d best not forget it. No matter how well she handles horses. Or how amazing she is with Drew. Or how pretty she looks when she smiles…

Matilda’s sunk everything she has into her business—she can’t afford to give it up. Not even to the guy she’s had a crush on since he became a star. But now that she’s seeing him every day, she’s even more aware of how Shane is gorgeous and smart and… She is in so much trouble. Matilda’s plan was to focus on her business, not be distracted by a sexy cowboy who never seems to wear a shirt. She’d learned the hard way not to get involved with a man she worked with. Yet, here she is, getting involved. And all the while the threat of losing her ranch is looming. What will she do if she has nowhere to keep her sick and injured horses? When her heart gets involved, Matilda is left wondering if the two can share more than a love of horses and a dusty old barn…


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Release Date

March 4, 2021