The Russian’s Assertive Lover

She wants to erase the mark of her past. He lives every day with the scars of his own…

Courtney Melard doesn’t trust Nikolay Tonov. In fact, she doesn’t trust any man. But she desperately needs cash, and tending the bar at the strip club run by one of the notorious Tonov Triplets is her only option. She’s willing to ignore his ties to organized crime, but what she can’t seem to ignore is her reaction to his piercing blue eyes and sexy, muscled body. The man is dangerous in more ways than one.

After a brutal childhood in Russia, Nikolay only cares about two things in life: business and his brothers. With a struggling strip club on his hands, he certainly doesn’t have time to worry about a petite strawberry blonde with a strange tattoo on her hand. He’s never let a beautiful woman get under his skin before, and he has no interest in starting now. Then why can’t he get her out of his head?

Courtney and Nikolay’s chemistry soon turns electric, but as things heat up, their troubled pasts may ruin their chance at a future.

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March 20, 2015