The SEAL’s Pregnant Roommate

Can these two lonely souls catch a lucky break in love?

Harley Von’s never been lucky in life, let alone in love. And her streak of ill fortune continues when her long-lost brother passes away just as they were on the verge of reconnecting. On the run from a bad relationship, she’s less than delighted to find herself sharing Sebastian’s fixer-upper with his gruff but gorgeous friend, Garrett. With her ex breathing down her neck and a baby on the way, Harley’s got plenty to deal with. Falling for a sexy SEAL isn’t part of her plan.

Navy SEAL Garrett Moore isn’t looking for romance. His life is the SEALs, end of discussion. Still, grieving and guilt-ridden over his teammate’s death, he’s determined to do what he can to help Sebastian’s sister. And Harley’s combination of vulnerability and determination is captivating. She’s like a skittish fawn refusing to back down from a mountain lion.

He can’t help feeling protective of her, especially when the ex shows up and gets physical. But Garrett’s only in town for as long as it takes to repair the old house.

Love has a funny way of changing things, though.

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Release Date

February 23, 2023