The Sheikh’s Wife Arrangement

Sheikh Fatim Safar has been to marry or disinherited by his 30th birthday. Fatim is not worried-he was married years earlier and had two children with his wife before she died. Two weeks from his 30th birthday, there’s no time to change it or fight it … it’s more expedient to marry.

Calla Clark is out to prove her parents wrong. Instead of marrying well like mother wanted, Calla’s in the Middle East to prove her design prowess. Sheikh’s rock-hard body is the seamstress of the royal family. She can not act on her temptations, of course. She’s got goals to crush. Still, when she watches the heikh commands, and cares for his kids, she can not help but feel an undeniable attraction.

Fatim has taken a liking to Calla, too. She’s smart, thoughtful, and good with his children. With his birthday right around the corner, Fatim offers her the position as his wife. It’s just temporary, and in return for marrying him and helping with his children, he’ll give her everything she needs for the upcoming Fashion Week. Calla agrees … as long as he helps keep her dream alive. 

With so many differences between them, Fatim and Calla’s powerful pairing could raise the tribe to modern heights, or send it to the bin like last season’s cast-offs. 


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August 2019