Wild Dream



Sometimes love brews where it’s least expected…

Between keeping his brothers in line and looking after Lockhart Bend, Sheriff Trent Wild has enough on his plate. But he can’t pass up the chance to get close to the town’s newest resident, Marianne Stanton. She’s as delicious as the beer she brews… But as stubborn as a hangover.

She won’t sway from her plans to revitalize the town’s beloved honky tonk. But the more time he spends with her, the more he begins to come around to her way of thinking. Maybe Lockhart Bend is ready for a new honky tonk, and maybe its sheriff is finally ready for love…

Marianne barely escaped Denver with her dignity intact. Lockhart Bend is her chance to start fresh, away from the ex-husband. She’s striking out on her own, and she won’t accept help from anyone. Especially the town’s pushy, opinionated sheriff. The only problem: that sheriff is drop-dead gorgeous. She can’t help but let him into her heart. But when a blast from her past puts her dreams on the line, both her love and her ambitions are in jeopardy.

Will Marianne find a way to have both the boyfriend and the brewpub of her dreams? Or is she headed for yet another heartbreak?

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Release Date

August 10, 2023