Wild Heart

Recovering at the ranch has never been so… vigorous.

With a knee injury capable of ending his football career, all Charlie Wild should be focusing on is recovery. But that’s the last thing on his mind when Dylan Rose walks into the small town hospital he’s healing at. She’s stunningly beautiful…Too bad the gorgeous doctor seems immune to his charms.

Dylan Rose isn’t looking for romance when she meets her newest patient. Sure, Charlie is charming, handsome and built like the star quarterback he is. But she knows better than to fall for a player.

Yet over time, she begins to see that he’s more than just a cute jock. Charlie has heart. He’s also persistent as all get out, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t ignore the sizzling attraction growing between them. But just when she’s starting to fall for the big lug, Charlie betrays her, putting himself and their relationship in danger.

Can she forgive him? Or will Charlie have to add heartache to the list of injuries keeping him on the sidelines?


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Release Date

August 3, 2023