Brutal Enforcer

Men have always wanted to control me.

My ruthless father.
Then the man my father picked me to marry.
And finally, my kidnapper, Omar Castillo.

The Castillo family’s brutal enforcer.
The Beast.
They say there’s not a family in Miami that hasn’t been touched by his bloodshed.
Including mine.
He single-handedly mowed down twenty of my family members without breaking a sweat.

Now, he’s locked me up, far away from the city.
A pawn in the cartel’s game.
I’m scared he’ll kill me next.

But I’m more scared of the way he makes me feel.
Of the chills he sends through my traitorous body.
The hunger in his eyes.
I have to escape.
But the only way to get off his island prison is through him. To make him believe I want him.

He underestimates me.
Everyone always has.
I will burn this island to the ground before I give in.


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Release Date

October 12, 2023