Dark Retreat

In a world gone dark, trust is a double-edged sword…

After an EMP attack shuts down the world, Megan Wolford has one goal: protect her daughter, Caitlin, at any cost. When a mysterious illness infects Caitlin, Megan must forage for medical supplies at a remote lodge. The last thing she wants is help from her fellow survivors when so many have let her down—but she’s running out of time.

Meanwhile, former Navy SEAL Wyatt Morris is doing everything he can to keep his family together after the tragic death of his father. When Megan trespasses on Wyatt’s land, he doesn’t trust her. But he can’t turn away a sick child, no matter how dangerous the world has become. Then the arrival of another stranger, Kyle, gives them all a new reason to be suspicious.

When Megan and Wyatt discover her daughter’s illness may be linked to this mysterious stranger, it sets them on a race to discover the truth, before it’s too late to save Caitlin—and the rest of the Morris clan. In this deadly new world, trust doesn’t come easy.

But if they want to survive, they’ll have to learn to work together…

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