Dragon Champion

Chamenos is free, but Uzmantine is still determined to conquer dragonkind.

Dragons have returned to Chamenos now that Skotar and Evalaia have been defeated, but the ancient draznar Uzmantine has set her sights on another target: Pieter’s homeland of Pothena. Pieter and his friends are determined to stop her, but when she unveils a devastating weapon, they realize that it may already be too late. Now, it seems that she can overwhelm all dragons in her path, making them helpless prey for her army of draznar.

With his siblings standing alongside his friends, Pieter and his dragon Gloriox work tirelessly to find some way to beat Uzmantine and her weapon for good. Yet each battle costs Pieter allies who he can’t afford to lose. And the more he settles into his role as leader, the higher tensions grow among his siblings.

Then, Pieter makes a terrible mistake from which there may be no way to recover.

Now if he wants to defeat Uzmantine, Pieter will face his biggest challenge yet. Saving his friends and his people is worth any price. But will his magic and skills be enough?

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Release Date

June 30, 2021