Dragon Peril

Del and his dragon riders must stop the Qapira to save their people…

The disastrous battle Del led has forced the Qapira to create a new magic stone, but at a deadly cost. With time running out, the only chance for Del and his dragon riders to save their home is to head the Qapira off before they can retrieve the raw materials needed. But he’ll have to do it without help. With Etenia focused on protecting SeaFall, Del alone will have to explore every possibility to save the human world from certain doom.

But the Qapira are relentless in their pursuit of survival, and stopping them for good will surely bring about even more destruction. Is violence the only answer to violence, and is Del ready to pay that price? Or can a street rat who’s risen to be a protector of his people find a different way to save everything he holds dear?

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Release Date

February 23, 2022