Dragon Defender

There’s only one hope of fighting an ancient evil….

Uzmantine has awoken and is determined to crush Chamenos underfoot. As society teeters on the brink of civil war, the only hope for survival rests in the hands of Pieter and his dragon, Gloriox. The task is too big for one person, but Pieter is the only one who can teach the citizens of Chamenos what they need to know about becoming dragon riders. And with his growing grasp of Chamentine magic, he poses the biggest threat to Uzmantine and her gathering forces.

But Pieter still needs to learn what it means to be a leader—especially when sacrifice and death are necessary costs of victory.

The fight has just begun, and Uzmantine and her Draznar won’t stop. Pieter will do anything to keep his people safe, but there’s no way to avoid the casualties of war. And the grief of loss may be too strong to overcome.

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Release Date

April 28, 2021