The Black Dragon

Mysteries abound as a dangerous game becomes deadly…

Dedicated gamer Van and his CIA agent partner Sang have successfully infiltrated Dragons Kings of the New World, but the further they go, the more questions arise. They return to find that the in-game kingdom of Silver Peak, which Van once ruled as one of the most powerful players in the game, has now fallen into disrepair. There they recruit a mercenary party of adventurers from among Van’s old comrades and venture to find the hidden realm of Bloodrock—which Van suspects could hold the key to the game’s mysterious origins.

Before they can do that, however, they must complete a series of high-level missions to access the new region. These quests will test the new group—and their fast-growing dragon—to the limit of their abilities, intelligence and resourcefulness as they push to get to Bloodrock before it’s too late.

Each day of gameplay increases their strength, reveals new secrets and prepares them for the tough battles ahead. But nothing can prepare them for the discovery upon breaking into the fortress of Bloodrock… what they find there could jeopardize their entire mission—and the fate of the world.