The Carrier

She’s a miracle—one BioPure intends to recapture at any cost.

In a world devastated by the Zero Virus, the BioPure vaccine was the cure that saved millions in the apocalyptic aftermath. Yet, it had an unfortunate side effect: it inhibited reproduction, necessitating the Parings system, which matches couples to one another in order to produce healthy, test-tube babies. But Lora Flannigan is the naturally conceived miracle child with a single genetic flaw that has become her greatest weapon. Perfect recall.

Since Lora uncovered and exposed BioPure’s treachery, the enemy has stopped at nothing in their quest to hunt her down. Now part of the rebellion, Lora sets out with her loved ones across the rugged and untamed desolation of New California in order to discover what really happened to her mother.

But Lora isn’t the only one interested in finding her creator. A vicious Biomodded security officer tails them, using Lora to track the researchers leading the rebellion.

She plans to wipe them from the earth before anyone learns the awful truth about Zero or BioPure’s true intentions.

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Release Date

January 8, 2020