The Fighter’s Defiant Lover

Vegas dancer Jasmine has never been shy about getting what she wants. And with her drug-dealing ex and his goon after her, what she wants is to have her ex out of the picture.


She’s looking for help from her friend Rachel and the hard-hitting Burton brothers, but it’s rising MMA star Dustin Caldwell who literally sweeps her off her feet. With a body to die for and looks that kill, Dustin presents a whole different kind of danger.

Dustin has trained hard to make it this far, and he’s not going to let a mouthy showgirl distract him this close to his big fight. He needs to keep his focus in the ring, which isn’t easy when he and Jasmine start sharing the same roof. With her dark eyes and a body built for sin, he’s having a hard time resisting her pull. But with trouble on her heels, how far is he willing to go to keep her safe?

With the mess she’s in, Jasmine doesn’t think there can be a happy ending. It may be up to Dustin to prove that fairy tales can come true.

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May 28, 2015