The Fighter’s Fierce Temptation

Alice hates fighters.

They’re arrogant, broody, and have an ego to match their hulking muscles. Not to mention her scumbag ex was one of them..

But when her dad, a legendary MMA trainer, suffers a stroke and the medical bills start piling up, she’s forced to start training one of the infamous Burton Brothers. All she needs to do is pretend to be her dad for a few days. But from the moment Bryant Burton shows up at the gym, all bets are off. With his taut muscles, steely gray eyes, and simmering strength, fighting his pull is going to be the biggest challenge of all.

Bryant can’t understand his cravings. If the desire he’s feeling for “Coach Anders” wasn’t disturbing enough, the man’s daughter is starting to make him forget why he came. Her creamy skin, petite body, and full lips are driving him insane with need. And the fact she keeps disappearing doesn’t help either. If he’s going to be ready for his championship fight, he’ll have to do something to satisfy his urges and get his head back in the ring.

One kiss is all it takes to ignite their chemistry, but with Alice’s deception and Bryant’s short fuse, things are bound to go up in flames…

*The BADDEST boys on the planet have finally met their match…*

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Release Date

February 13, 2015