The Russian’s Secret Baby

Hardworking lawyer Carmine has come to the last person she wants to see—ruthless Russian mob boss Dimitri Tonov. Tall, dark, and heavily tattooed, Dimitri represents everything she’s spent her life fighting against. And yet, his hard exterior can’t account for the night of passion they once shared. Or, for the years Carmine has secretly spent thinking of him. It won’t be easy confessing that he fathered her child, but Carmine will do anything to save the life of her son, James. Anything, that is, except tell Dimitri about James’ life-threatening illness.

Love has made Dimitri’s brothers weak. With profits declining, he’ll have to rely on his own ruthlessness to carry on the family’s criminal enterprises. When Carmine shows up with a child he knows nothing about, he’s unprepared. For years, she’s been an itch he couldn’t scratch—the only woman who’s ever stirred his blood. He wants to lose himself in her bright eyes and enticing curves, but he’s not sure he can trust her or himself.

With Carmine hiding something so important and Dimitri’s life full of dirty deeds, can they find happiness with each other or will their pasts keep them apart?

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April 13, 2015